ZTE Nubia Red Magic gaming phone leaked on Weibo a day before launch


ZTE is facing a big challenge these days but we know the Chinese OEM won’t be done with the mobile industry. The United States is just one market. Tomorrow, the company is expected to unveil the Nubia Red Devil–ZTE’s first ever gaming phone. This is one is said to rival the Razer Phone and the recently announced Black Shark gaming phone by Xiaomi. The phone is also called the Nubia Red Magic gaming and it just appeared on where else–Weibo.

An appearance on Weibo usually means the device is for real and this one is no different. The leaked image shows a smartphone that comes with a 2:1 Infinity Display. There is no notch but the RGB LED strip is there on the rear panel. The gaming device is said to run on 8GB RAM and Snapdragon 845 processor.

We’re not sure how ZTE will call the phone but we’re almost certain it will be a gaming phone. Whether it’s the Nubia Red Devil or Nubia Red Magic, we believe it will be a mean gaming phone. For some gamers, it may even be “magical”.

We’re more curious about that LED strip at the back. It’s something new so we wonder what function it will serve. For special notifications, perhaps? We’re assuming it may function as a special ring light something similar to the Samsung Smart Glow ring before. We’ll see.

VIA: Weibo

via Android Community

April 18, 2018 at 05:02PM