YouTube TV now lets you pause your subscription


Whether you need a break from watching all that streaming TV or your wallet needs a break from the $40 per month fee, you probably wished that you could just stop your YouTube TV subscription for a bit of time without necessarily deleting your account. Well Google is finally granting that request as it follows the trend of other streaming services by letting you pause your account for a limited time only and letting you come back to the streaming fold when you’re good and ready.

When it comes to services with monthly payments, you sometimes have only two options: continue with your subscription or stop and lose your account forever. But there is a growing number of brands that are giving their users another option so they won’t lose them permanently. Hulu and Netflix are just some of those that lets users temporarily pause their subscription so they stop being able to use it but still have the option to go back any time.

YouTube TV is now joining that small number. You have the option now to just stop paying for your account and you won’t be able to access it during that time. You have up to six months to go back to being a paid subscriber. And when you do come back, it should supposedly be as if you never left. This is good news for those who want to take a hiatus during the summer when there’s practically nothing interesting on or those experiencing budget constraints.

You will still be able to access your account until the end of your billing period. And if you saved content in your DVR, it will still be available for the next 21 days. When you eventually come back before your six month deadline is up, all your preferences will be waiting for you.

This option is so much more convenient especially if you have plans of renewing your subscription, as opposed to signing up all over again. But if you really want YouTube TV to be gone from your life forever, then just delete your account for good.

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September 7, 2018 at 12:07PM