Youtube Live update: chat replay, automatic captions, location tags


As more and more people get into live streaming their events, promotions, or even just their thoughts and stuff, we know that the brands will continue to add more features to engage both the content creators and the audience that consume these live videos. The latest update to YouTube Live brings several new goodies: chat replay for those who want to follow the discussions later on, automatic captions at least for the English language, and location tags for those place-specific broadcasts.

One of the most fun things that creators enjoy when doing their live videos is interacting with their fans and viewers. Now you will be able to still view the chat as it happened during the broadcast. The live chat replay will be placed next to the video, just like in the original stream. Obviously, you won’t be able to interact with them anymore, but at least you’re all caught up with both the video and the discussion during the live video.

English automatic captions will now be part of your live stream. If there are no “professionally provided captions” available, creators will still be able to add the live automatic captions using the live automatic speech recognition (LASTR) technology. Obviously there will be some error rates and latency but Google says they’re “approaching industry standards”. This feature will be rolling out in the coming weeks.

Creators can now also add a location tag to their mobile streams and video uploads. Users meanwhile will be able to explore other videos that are in the same location by clicking on the tag. If you’re searching videos located in a specific place, you can now also filter the spot in your search results. So are you already into this whole YouTube Live thing or are you interested to give it a shot?

SOURCE: Google

via Android Community

February 28, 2018 at 01:05AM