YouTube finally rolls out dynamic player for square, vertical videos


We’ve known for some time now that YouTube was coming up with a player that will adapt to whatever format your video was shot and edited. It was announced last June and released for iOS devices late last year. Finally, Android users will now be able to experience this as the dynamic player is now available for smartphones and tablets. This basically means goodbye to black bars that can sometimes mar your enjoyment of the video you’re watching on the video sharing platform.

The popularity of apps like Snapchat and Instagram Stories gave way to tons of vertical and square videos. And while these formats are perfect for their respective apps, once it’s converted or uploaded to other platforms like YouTube, the player doesn’t automatically adapt to it. So we’re left with those black bars to fill up the space so it would fit in the horizontal window of the YouTube player.

But now, the team has announced that their player will automatically adapt to the shape of the video you’re watching. The square and vertical videos will fill up your screen now and in the space below, it will have the usual video title, toolbar, and watch suggestions. As you scroll down the suggested videos, your original video will continue to play and the window will shrink to the horizontal shape. You can still expand it to full screen and it will still adapt to the video shape it was originally taken in.

This new player is already rolling out to the YouTube Android apps so check out your phone or tablet and see if it now “magically” adapts to whatever format your video is in.


via Android Community

March 27, 2018 at 10:04PM