‘Your Time on Facebook’ information appears on a dashboard


If you’ve recently tried Digital Wellbeing, you may have probably started thinking about how you are spending your precious hours. You’ve been saying you’re busy with school or work but really, how many hours do you spend checking your Facebook account? It’s a rabbit hole and we can feel you’re desperate to change your online habits. It’s about time but how do you start? Check the ‘Your Time on Facebook’ information and see for yourself. We dare you to get the total hours for each day and the whole week.

‘Your Time on Facebook’ is a new tool within Facebook that lets you see how many minutes you spend on the app. The feature is now out for most FB users.

What’s good about the tool us you can set a reminder to actually stop checking your social media network. Set a daily limit so you can start disciplining yourself.

In this dashboard, you can also access shortcuts to Friend Request settings, News Feed, and notifications. Check it out under Facebook> More> Settings & Privacy> Your Time on Facebook.

The idea of checking your digital well-being is important for everyone who can’t live without their gadgets. We know people who’ve shied away from social media and we also know people who are always on it.

VIA: TechCrunch

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November 21, 2018 at 08:03AM