You might soon be able to add music to your Instagram stories


  • Hidden code in the Instagram Android app points to a new feature that lets you add popular music to your Stories.
  • The code was found by the same person who found the code for the video chat and portrait mode features.
  • Facebook just signed licensing deals with the major record labels, which seems like a strange coincidence.

Some code discovered in the Instagram Android app points to the potential of a new feature: the ability to add popular music to your Stories, giving your short videos a soundtrack. If true, it could put Instagram Stories even further ahead of rival Snapchat.

The person who discovered the code is none other than Ishan Agarwal, via Tech Crunch. You might remember Mr. Agarwal from two previous Instagram code discoveries, namely the hidden portrait mode feature and video calling feature. Both features were eventually officially announced by Instagram.

While all we currently have to go on is a few lines of code, the theory is that when users create a Story, they will be given the option to add some music, not unlike how they would add Stickers. They can select music from three search tabs: Genres, Moods, and Trending. Theoretically, there will also be a search bar where users could input songs or artists they are looking to add to their Story.

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If this music feature is in fact real, it would line up nicely with the recent news that Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, signed music licensing deals with all the major record labels. This could mean that users would have the ability to not just add generic, royalty-free background music, but major radio hits.

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This new feature would also help Instagram steal some thunder from popular lip-syncing app, which reportedly has 60 million users. If users could make sing-along videos on Instagram, they likely wouldn’t need to use for the same purpose.

Tech Crunch contacted Instagram to ask about this hypothetical feature, but the company declined to comment. However, Tech Crunch notes that the company also refused to talk about the video chat and portrait mode features, which eventually were proven correct.

What do you think? Would you be excited about adding music to your Instagram stories? Let us know in the comments!

via Android Authority

May 7, 2018 at 11:25AM