You can now tell your Google Assistant to sync your smart devices


Unless you’re actually using just one brand for all your smart home devices, syncing them all together and under just one control. Chances are you really have to use different apps to sync them and make them function as they should. Google is trying to solve that problem, and it looks like they have come up with a partial solution at least. A new command for Google Assistant will allow you to refresh and sync all your smart home services.

Well, in order for this to work of course, you will need Google Home as well. Simply by saying “sync my devices”, it will do a digital spring cleaning of sorts, as it will tell Google to check all your Home-linked apps and services and see if there’s anything new that needs to be synced. You can also be more specific about what category you want to sync, like “sync my lights” or “sync my security cameras” or what other smart home devices you have.

So if you have Philips Hue Lights and then you buy WeMo outlets, and even after you’ve set things up, your Google Home doesn’t seem to recognize it. Just saying the “sync my lights” command will supposedly fix that problem, especially if your products were not made by Google or Nest. You don’t have to disconnect and reconnect your new lights, which was previously the only solution to this problem.

We still long for the day when your smart home will really be smart enough to keep track of all the other devices in your house, even if they’re not “related”. But for now, this temporary solution from Google should work.

VIA: Android Police

via Android Community

December 11, 2017 at 09:02AM