You can now buy Moto Mods with the Moto Z Market app


Moto Mods are easily the coolest part about owning a Moto Z. You can add a loudspeaker, get extra battery life, project videos on the wall, take 360-degree videos, and so much more. Motorola is making it even easier to collect all the Mods. Moto has released a new app called Moto Z Market that allows you to buy Moto Mods on your phone.

The app lists all the different Moto Mods you can get for your phone. The Mods are all organized into categories, so you can easily find batteries, speakers, etc. It’s a nice way to explore all the offerings. However, if you want to cash in on Moto Mods sales, you may want to shop elsewhere. For example, Best Buy has discounts on every Moto Mod right now.

download moto z market

via Phandroid

December 19, 2017 at 12:18PM