Xposed Framework gets Oreo support in latest beta


  • The Xposed Framework with Android Oreo support is now in beta
  • The news arrives only a short time after Android Nougat support was rolled out
  • You can install the latest framework now, but expect the regular issues that come with a software beta

The Xposed Framework with Oreo support has been unleashed in beta. The project’s lead developer, rovo89, published the files on the XDA forums recently, and the final source code would be released once beta is over.

Xposed is a free tool that allows Android users to customize their OS without having to install a separate ROM. By using self-contained software “modules,” the framework lets users alter things like the UI or even specific apps.

After being discussed last January, the Nougat-based version of Xposed didn’t arrive until the following October — a timeline which makes this recent announcement all the more surprising (and pleasing!).

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To get the latest framework (Android Oreo 8.0/8.1), you will need a rooted device, but the process beyond that is fairly straightforward: just install the Xposed Installer and flash the compatible Framework ZIP folder onto your handset to get it up and running.

Don’t expect a completely smooth experience while the software is in beta, though — you’re bound to come across some bugs and not all of the modules will be working yet.

If you’re interested, check it out over at the XDA Developers page here; there’s a bunch of Gravity Box (UI tweaks) and Amplify (a battery saving module) screenshots for you to have a look at there too.

via Android Authority

January 9, 2018 at 01:41AM