Xiaomi smart devices to get some Google Assistant love


The Google Assistant is getting a lot of love this week, thanks to the tech giant for working on the smart-voice-virtual-assistant that is being integrated with many services, products, and companies. We know it has hit about 5,000 smart devices the last four months and more will be added to the number. Xiaomi, one of the more popular Chinese OEMs, recently announced that its smart home products will have Google Assistant support. First items to be powered by the Assistant include the Mi Smart Plug, Mi LED Smart Bulb, and the Mi Bedside Lamp.

These items are arriving in the United States soon so expect to be able to “talk” to those Xiaomi devices. The brand has always been prolific when it comes to the smart home game. It already has a suite of products that include smartphones to smartwatches to fitness trackers to rice cookers to cameras and more. These Internet of Things (IoT) products make things possible but with the integration of Google Assistant, you can do more on these Xiaomi smart devices.

With a Google Home or other smart speaker available or even just the Google Assistant app, you can “talk” to any Xiaomi smart home device. Ask the Google Assistant to do some things for you like turn on and off a lamp and use a Mi Smart Plug to turn power on/off.

SOURCE: Xiaomi, Wang Xiang

via Android Community

May 11, 2018 at 08:01AM