Xiaomi releases new bundles, mockingly named after new iPhones


If you read the news about all the new iPhones and their price tags, you were probably computing how many more Android devices you can actually buy with that price. Well some folks over at Xiaomi in their native China were doing some computing themselves and as a way to sort of mock the new devices from Apple, they have now come up with several bundles that are obviously named after the new iPhone models and even priced almost after them.

The product bundles have been launched in China and are called XR Suit, XS Suit, and XS Max Set. Even their price tag are also patterned after the starting price of the iPhone models from which they took their names. The only difference of course is that each bundle actually has an Android smartphone, a laptop, a fitness band, and an audio product, as opposed to just one iPhone. And if you’re an Android fan or thinking of switching over to this side, then these are pretty great deals already.

The Xiaomi XR bundle includes the Mi 8 SE smartphone, a 12.5-inch Mi Notebook Air, the Mi Band 3, and the Mi Bluetooth Mini Headset. It’s priced at around $950 which is just a bit expensive than the $750 price of the 64GB version of the iPhone XR. The XS bundle meanwhile gives you the Mi MIX 2S, a 13.3-inch Mi Notebook Air, the Mi Band 3, and a Mi Bluetooth Mini Headset. It’s priced at around $1,200 and again, around $200 more expensive than the iPhone XS.

Lastly, you have the XS Max product bundle which has the Mi 8 smartphone, the Mi Notebook Pro, the Mi Band 3, and the Mi Bluetooth neckband. It’s the most expensive of the bunch, of course, and it costs around $1,400. Even though it’s a bit more expensive than the iPhones, it has more devices in the bundles so of course it might be worth more.

Obviously, if you’re an Apple fan, you probably won’t consider just getting a Xiaomi bundle instead. But if you’d love to have several Xiaomi devices for a bundle, then this will interest you. Unfortunately, it seems to be available only in China right now and no news if it will be available elsewhere.

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September 17, 2018 at 01:02AM