Xiaomi Pocophone F1 Teardown: Easy-to-open, “cool” but not waterproof


When the Pocophone F1 was unveiled, the mobile device quickly received a teardown treatment by Xiaomi. The Chinese company did its own ahead of the tech bloggers. That teardown video made us wonder how the phone is still available despite the premium specs. The gaming phone rivals the Razer Phone and the ASUS ROG Phone but sans the high price tag. Just the other day, the phone underwent a durability test. It was scratched, burned, and bent and still survived.

After the Xiaomi Pocophone F1 Durability Test, Zack Nelson did his own teardown. JerryRigEverything definitely knows what the geeks want–a more comprehensive teardown to really see what’s inside.

Prying open the Poco F1 is easy since there is no waterproofing. Screws hold down the phone at the bottom. The back panel doesn’t pop out easily so it still is tight when you check.

Open the phone and you see the fingerprint scanner ribbon attached to the plastic back panel that is held back by ten screws. Remove the panel and you see the motherboard.

Underneath are several connectors. Set aside or unplug the battery so you can see the fingerprint scanner. The module snaps like a little lego.

Watch the complete teardown below:

We see a lot of screws and components and wires that snap out easily. Xiaomi designed this well and we like the liquid cooling system that consists of a copper heat pipe and some thermal paste on top.

Inside are water damage indicators so you can know if the phone was soaked underwater or if water got inside at least. The phone isn’t exactly waterproof so a little steam may turn the marker from white to pink. That’s a reminder you keep the phone dry as much as possible. It’s still a budget phone anyway so we suggest you be careful.

via Android Community

September 19, 2018 at 09:03AM