Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S hits DxOMark this early with impressive scores and reviews


Xiaomi has finally and officially unveiled the new Mi Mix 2S. It’s the latest bezel-less phone from the Chinese OEM that’s been loaded with some of the more premium specs and features. When it comes to imaging, it’s a clear winner after getting a total score of 97 on DxOMark, placing third in the rankings. It may be tied to the iPhone X and the Huawei Mate 10 Pro but the almost perfect score tells us the device can be a good choice for those into mobile photography.

The smartphone camera system includes a dual-camera with wide-angle main and secondary telephoto lenses, OIS on the rear camera, and phase detection autofocus. We’re expecting great image results from this device since all we’ve been hearing are how great the camera is.

The Snapdragon 845-powered Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S also runs on Android 8.0 Oreo and 8GB RAM. The device offers a bunch of AI features and ARCore tech so the phone can do more in many ways you can imagine. The 256GB onboard storage is huge enough to store all photos and videos we know you’ll enjoy capturing with the phone.

When it comes to Mobile Photos, the new Xiaomi phone scores 101. It’s one impressive feat but we’re not surprised because the cameras are premium. Autofocus is described as very fast and accurate. Colors are vivid while white balance is mostly accurate. Most shots won’t show any noise but it is barely visible. The photos show fairly good details on close-range zoom shots.

The portrait mode’s natural bokeh effect is shown with good subject isolation. There are some downsides though like the strongly visible color fringing and quantization, loss of detail in very low light and in some outdoor and indoor shots, and a very limited dynamic range.

Moving on to Mobile Videos, the phone scores 88. It’s not really high but the videos show there’s very fast and accurate autofocus with good tracking, fairly effective stabilization, and well-controlled noise in outdoor conditions. Just like in photos, the videos show bright and vivid colors in most conditions. The only setbacks include loss of fine details in most conditions, inconsistent white balance and slight exposure, as well as, strong and visible differences in sharpness between


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March 27, 2018 at 12:00PM