Xiaomi Mi 8 updated with low-light photography, slow-mo shooting


It’s not unusual for OEMs to not include some special features at product launch. New OS, software updates, and security patches can still be released and installed in the following weeks and months. Pixel’s Night Sight came later for some units while OnePlus’ Nightscape feature was also added later. As for the Xiaomi Mi 8, the phone is receiving two camera features not available at lunch. The new features will arrive as an update that will greatly improve night photography. Obviously, improvement makes taking photos at night or even in low light conditions a delight.

Any phone’s LED flash may not always be enough. Premium hardware isn’t also a guarantee that your photos will come out right. For most of the top smartphones we know, the Camera app or software is usually what makes mobile photography worthwhile.

Xiaomi has just rolled out an important update to the Mi 8–the steady handheld night photography and the 960fps video recording. These two allow low-light performance and ultra slow-motion recording.

From the Mi Mix 3, the camera features will now be available on the Xiaomi Mi 8. The Mi Mix 3 is currently No. 3 on DxOMark, tied with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the HTC U12+ so imagine how powerful the Mi 8 can be.

Both the best-selling Xiaomi Mi and the Mi 8 Explorer Edition will get the said camera update. Meanwhile, the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro will get the same update next.

SOURCE: Xiaomi

via Android Community

December 28, 2018 at 05:00AM