Xiaomi may enter the American market before 2018 ends


Xiaomi may no longer be the top OEM in China but it still is doing well. Huawei has beaten the company years ago but it has rightly remained in the top five. We mentioned recently that it has plans to enter the US market and is getting resources ready so don’t be surprised if you hear of new Xiaomi phones being sold in the country. Just like Huawei, it wants to expand its market since the United States is very big. We’re not sure though if it will have to face the same challenges regarding mobile security and privacy.

Huawei’s journey to the US started as a rumor. We learned about the plans before 2017 ended. A formal announcement was then made the next month. As for Xiaomi, it may have to face the same anti-Chinese sentiment but Xiaomi’s head of international business Wang Xiang is optimistic because the company has always been open and has a lot of fans clamoring for Xiaomi to come.

Xiaomi has since been available in other key markets in Southeast Asia, India, and some parts of Europe like Spain. It’s about time it hits the American market as the company has been considering the idea for some time. The timeline is by “end 2018 or by early 2019”.

You see, Xiaomi isn’t just in the mobile phone business. The brand has other smart and internet-connected products like cameras, speakers, electronic scales among others. Some of these are already sold in the US but the smartphones aren’t readily available yet. Xiaomi needs to partner with a mobile carrier to turn its plans into reality.


via Android Community

March 5, 2018 at 06:05PM