Xiaomi bringing Mi Mix 3’s brilliant Night Mode to Mi 8 Lite camera


The Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite will receive the night mode camera treatment, according to a recent Weibo post from a company executive (via Mydrivers). Chuan Wang, Xiaomi’s VP and co-founder, said an engineer was working overtime to port the Mi Mix 3 camera feature to the Mi 8 Lite, which suggests it could be coming soon.

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Night mode is a camera mode that uses image stacking to increase brightness and detail in photos taken in low-light. It’s something several OEMs have been promoting lately, most notably Google with its Pixel 3 versus iPhone XS comparisons.

In our Mi 8 Lite review, we were already pleased with what the software component brought to the phone’s camera hardware; this move should only improve it further. Wang reaffirmed its power with some Mi Mix 3 shots accompanying his Weibo post.

A Night Sight shot taken with the Mi Mix 3 Weibo

The standard Xiaomi Mi 8 also received the night mode in an MIUI update back in December, while the Mi Mix 2S and Redmi Note 7 are also expected to get it at some point.

And if you thought Xiaomi wasn’t already doing enough for lower-tier devices, it was rumored earlier this week that the company is working on Snapdragon 855-based Redmi phones. 2019 is already shaping up to be another big year for Xiaomi.

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via Android Authority

February 7, 2019 at 12:14AM