Xiaomi announces new Mi Box 4 international, Chinese variants


Xiaomi has just rolled out the two new Mi Box models: the Mi Box 4 and the Mi Box 4c. We haven’t heard much about this product line since last year when we told you it would receive Android 7.0 Nougat update. Ever since its launch back in 2016, the 4K60-capable Android TV box reached the US a few months later. It was spotted in Walmart at first before being sold online on Xiaomi’s official website. A few years later, the Chinese OEM decides to release not just one but two models.

Actually, there’s only one model to be released internationally but another variant is available in China. In its home country, the Xiaomi Mi Box runs the MIUI TV while the international variant runs on Android TV.

These two variants differ in many other ways. For one, the Chinese version runs on an Amlogic S905L processor while the global variant is powered by an Amlogic S905X-H chipset. The difference in the processor lies on the Chinese variant lacking hardware decoding support for VP9. VP9 is important because it’s the code used by Youtube. We’re not sure but if the chipset used on the Chinese model won’t support YouTube, then Google’s top video-sharing site may not be accessible yet in the country.

The Mi Box 4 is introduced as an ecosystem device. Aside from playing media content, the Mi Box can also notify the user about the activities or statuses of other Mi products set up within a household.

Features of the Mi Box models may not be as impressive but the software has been improved. The Mi Box 4c already has IR remote but unfortunately, there is no Bluetooth connectivity. When it comes to pricing, the Mi Box 4 and Mi Box 4c cost 349 Yuan and 249 Yuan, respectively. That’s about $55 and $39 when converted. Xiaomi will ship the new Mix models beginning February 1.

SOURCE: Xiaomi

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January 29, 2018 at 04:01AM