Would you pay to use Google services? If so, how much? (Poll of the Week)


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Last week’s poll summary: Out of over 4,200 total votes, 31.3 percent of Android Authority readers said Android P will be called Peppermint, while 27.7 percent voted for Popsicle. Android Pancake came in at 17.3 percent, and 13.1 percent voted for Android Pie. That’s just from our website, though — Android Peppermint garnered 46 percent of the votes on our YouTube poll, and 42 percent on Twitter.

Picture this: You’re in a heated debate with a friend about whether or not Star Wars is considered science fiction or science fantasy. So, you fire up your computer, type in your question, and you’re greeted with a notice: “To gain access to Google Search, you must renew your subscription.”


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That sounds ridiculous, but only because we’ve grown accustomed to Google giving out all its services for free (by ‘free’ I mean it doesn’t cost us any money). But what if we lived in a world where Google tried to monetize all its software with a subscription model? Any time you wanted to send an email with Gmail, navigate somewhere with Google Maps, watch a YouTube video, or check your Google Calendar, you’d need to make sure your subscription is up to date.

If Google did something radical like this, would you pay for access to the company’s services each month? If so, how much would you be willing to pay? I’m extremely invested in Google services, so I’d probably be willing to pay quite a lot. Cast your vote in the poll below, and tell us your thoughts on this grim scenario in the comments below.

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April 24, 2018 at 09:07AM