Wireless Android Auto is a no-go if your phone does not run Android P


  • According to Kenwood’s press release, Android Auto Wireless will not work if your non-Nexus and Pixel device does not run Android P.
  • By comparison, Nexus and Pixel devices must run Android 8.0 Oreo for Android Auto Wireless to work.
  • We do not know why there are different requirements for Android Auto Wireless.

Announced back in 2014 as a smartphone projection system for your car, Android Auto now lets you extend your smartphone’s capabilities to a car’s dashboard head unit. Unfortunately, it looks like your phone must run Android P if you want to wirelessly extend those capabilities.

Up until earlier this year, the only ways to get Android Auto up and running is to either connect your device to your car’s display or use the Android Auto app. During CES 2018, Google announced Android Auto Wireless, which forgoes the use of a cable and integrates wireless functionality within certain dashboard head units.

Kenwood is a manufacturer that makes some of those supported head units. In the company’s latest press release, however, 9to5Google spotted that non-Nexus/Pixel devices must run Android P for Android Auto Wireless to work.

Keep in mind that Nexus and Pixel devices must run Android 8.0 Oreo for compatibility with Android Auto Wireless. You also need the Android Auto app version 3.1 and up, as well as a cable for initial setup.

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This does put a bit of a damper on those who use non-Nexus and Pixel devices and will likely not get Android P right away. Google’s Project Treble, along with various third-party devices supporting the Android P Beta, hope to speed up the update process. Still, manufacturers will take their sweet time with older devices

We expect to learn much more about Android Auto and Android P as Google I/O 2018 unfolds.

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May 8, 2018 at 03:12PM