Why is the Oppo Find X display so good? Probably because it’s from the Galaxy S9


Oppo Find X Display

  • Samsung is said to be supplying Y-OCTA displays to Oppo for the recently unveiled Find X.
  • This is the first time that a non-Samsung phone will use this type of display.
  • Previous Samsung devices to use Y-OCTA displays include the Galaxy S8, S9, and S9 Plus.

Samsung is said to be supplying Oppo with Y-OCTA displays for use in the Oppo Find X, according to ETNews. If true, this would be the first time Y-OCTA displays are being used on a smartphone that isn’t a Samsung flagship. 

Samsung first used Y-OCTA displays on the Galaxy Note 7. Since then the technology has been used in the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9, and Galaxy S9 Plus. The Galaxy S8 Plus and the Galaxy Note 8 both missed out on the tech.

Y-OCTA displays integrate the touch layer of the display into the encapsulation layer of the display. This means that there is no need for a separate touch screen panel. The major benefit of this is that they are thinner, lighter, and cheaper to make than older generation displays.

According to ETNews‘s source, until now, Samsung had been keeping the displays for use on its own devices in order to increase their competitiveness.

There is no confirmed reason for the company’s change in plan. However, ETNews speculates that Samsung Display needed to expand its sales into new areas after slow iPhone X sales reportedly caused Apple to reduce its order of OLED panels. The trend of Chinese companies choosing LCD over Samsung’s OLED is also said to have played a part.

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The Oppo Find X appears to have put its 6.42-inch Y-OCTA display to good use. While its curved edges do bear similarities with recent Samsung flagships, at 93.8 percent, it has a much higher screen to body ratio than existing Samsung devices. Oppo made this possible by hiding the front-facing camera in a slide mechanism.

Samsung is rumored to be going for a similar sized display to the Oppo Find X for next year’s Galaxy S10 Plus. After seeing what Oppo has done with its technology — if the story is true, that is — it will be interesting to see how Samsung reacts with its own upcoming device.

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June 28, 2018 at 01:00AM