WhatsApp now lets you send (and make) stickers


Stickers are probably one of the most popular things that people use in their respective messaging apps. So you would think that one of, if not the, most popular messaging app in the world would actually have that feature. But for some reason, Facebook wasn’t bringing it to WhatsApp. Well, that is, until now. Finally, stickers are coming to the app to make messaging and responding to messages even more interesting and fun. Plus, if you’re a developer or artist, you can make your own sticker pack.

For the initial launch, WhatsApp has collaborated with some selected artists as well as their in-house designers to create sticker packs. There aren’t as many yet available for now, but at least you do have some to choose from. It will make expressing yourself with more than words or emojis easier when conversing with your loved ones. Sometimes even, stickers can speak louder than words.

To use the stickers once you’ve updated your WhatsApp app, access the built-in emoji menu and then scroll to the far right. There you can choose from some sticker packs and find the appropriate one to respond to a message or to start a whole new sticker conversation with someone. There aren’t many sticker packs to choose from for now but expect more to be added soon.

Designers and developers can also create their own third-party sticker packs as WhatsApp has included a set of APIs and interfaces to help them build their own. You will also be able to easily publish those stickers just like you would any other app on the Google Play Store. If someone downloads the pack, they’ll be able to immediately use them on WhatsApp.

They have started rolling out the update that would give you stickers so if you don’t see it yet, just wait a few more days and weeks and it will eventually get to you.

SOURCE: WhatsApp

via Android Community

October 26, 2018 at 03:08PM