What should Samsung call the next Galaxy S flagship? (Poll of the Week)


Last week’s poll summary: Last week, we asked you to chime in about your favorite Samsung Galaxy Note 9 feature. Out of over 40,000 votes across the website, Twitter, and YouTube, roughly 45 percent of voters said their favorite Note 9 feature is the 4,000mAh battery. The display, headphone jack, storage options, and Bluetooth S Pen all received about the same amount of votes. We have a clear winner!

The next Galaxy S flagship will be Samsung’s tenth. That’s a pretty big milestone — not many smartphone lines do well enough to last ten iterations.

But after so many years of making Galaxy S phones, is it time for a change? Obviously the Galaxy S line itself is going nowhere, but what about that name? How should Samsung celebrate the Galaxy S’ 10-year anniversary?

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We’ve been trying to think of some decent names that Samsung could use for its next flagship. Samsung Galaxy S10 is the obvious one since it’s the same structure of the past nine Galaxy S phones. It could also go with Galaxy SX, shifting to Roman numerals like Apple did with the iPhone X. It could drop the numbers altogether and denote new models with a year: Galaxy S (2019).

What’s your vote? Should Samsung stick with its current naming structure, or should it switch things up a bit? Cast your vote in the poll below, and leave a comment if you have anything to add.

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August 20, 2018 at 10:09AM