What else can I do in Daydream?


Daydream is more than a one trick pony

Whilst the Daydream is great for Games and Streaming there are other apps out there for use in education and other things too. We’ve made a list of some of the best Apps that aren’t games or streaming services.

Note: This is a list of specifically Daydream Apps that make use of the controller. A lot of the apps out there, especially the education ones, only use the original Google Cardboard and thats not really the focus of this article.

Real Estate VR

While this app is still in it’s infancy it does give you a good idea of how VR could be used for commercial purposes. This is, essentially, a Real Estate app for you to check out new homes using panoramic photos. You can use the Controller to navigate to each room and look around in 360 degrees.

It’s pretty great to be honest, especially if you are looking to move house out of state or move into the US. Having an entire house to look at in high detail lets you imagine yourself in the space and allows you to see all those weird angles that realtors try to hide normally. At the moment it is fairly limited, only a few states are available, but as more realtors get involved I think we will see more and more locations converted into VR .

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Expeditions was originally a Cardboard app from Google designed to be used in schools. They have updated to take advantage of the Controller and is still one of the more interesting educational app out there. The app allows you to download assorted places, or Expeditions, to view in 360 as well as specific scenes in those Expeditions to find out more information. Each expedition comes with it’s own set of helpful cue cards to give you information about the scene you are looking at.

As a teaching tool you can imagine how helpful something like this is. To be able to take your kids all around the world, to see things they may never be able to in real life is a powerful tool for a teacher. Expeditions even lets you connect to a group of people using the app so one person, the teacher, can act as a guide to the rest, of course that teacher also needs 30 Google Daydreams and 30 $600+ Phones, but hey, baby steps.

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Medical Realities

Medical Realities is an app aimed at Medical Students and professionals. It has a wide array of learning tools including slideshows, self assessments and 360 videos to help guide you through different surgeries. As a non medical person I found the whole thing fascinating and a little gross, but I can see how helpful it would be for Med Students, being able to see the surgeries from inside a virtual operating room is kind of cool.

You will have to sign up for this outside the app first at the Medical Realities and then sign into it inside Daydream once you have finished. From there you are taken to a Doctors office where you can choose videos or slideshows. It’s a very nice surrounding though the VR aspect could be used to greater effect although they do have a livestream video feature, so you can watch a real live surgery. As a learning tool it’s really very good.

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Arts & Culture by Google

Arts and Culture is another Google Education app that is simple yet powerful. It puts you, the viewer into a modern gallery where you can view some of the most famous paintings in the world in fine detail. Each piece of art can be viewed at full size and can be zoomed into so you can see the fine brushstrokes. I can tell you zooming into the eye of Van Gogh is quite an event when you think of him and his life. All the pictures in the gallery also come with an info card to read, just like a real gallery, and some of them even have scholars speaking about paintings so you can find out more.

As far as the VR goes this app is not particularly inspiring. They could have had the paintings on the walls so you could move around the space and really enjoy the feeling of being in a gallery but they chose to have one wall that you scroll with your controller. That said the subject matter carries the app and it’s still worth your time if you enjoy art.

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Your Turn

As far as Daydream specific apps go, there seems to be a drought on non-game, non-tv ones. I would love to see more of them, especially anything that helps people learn. Have you used any apps in your work or school? What are your favorites? Let me know down in the comments.

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November 16, 2017 at 11:35AM