Waze having issues with OnePlus but they’re working on it


If you’re using a OnePlus device and you’re trying to get somewhere with the use of Waze, the past two days may have been pretty frustrating. Users have reported having GPS signal problems and for a navigation app, that’s one of the worst problems that you can face. The Google-owned app has tweeted that they are aware of the problem and that they’re working on it, but that’s not much comfort for frustrated users who just need to get to their destination but may have to do it with another app or the old-fashioned way (actual maps!)

Complaints started pouring into OnePlus’ official forum website and there’s now a dedicated thread for this particular issue. Some say that the Waze app keeps losing GPS signal and that it has been on and off the whole day. Some have tried restarting, uninstalling then reinstalling, clearing cached data, etc, but all to no avail. If they use other apps that use GPS it seems to be working fine and if you use Waze on devices from other OEMs, there’s no issue as well.

One of the “bug hunters” from OnePlus confirmed that the issue was with Waze and so users will have to get in touch with the Google-operated app for that. For its part, Waze says that their teams are working to resolve this issue and that they are apologizing for any inconvenience this is causing their users.

While it’s good news that Google and Waze are acknowledging the problem and that they’re in the process of fixing it, having no explanation yet as to why this happened and also a timetable on when it will be fixed will be frustrating for some users.

However it looks like OnePlus users have no choice but to wait for further news and maybe this is also the time to start looking at other navigation apps that they can use in the meantime.

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August 22, 2018 at 03:03AM