Viber 10 brings new UI, hidden numbers, group calls, faster app


Since Viber celebrated their 8th birthday just last December, you can expect that their newest update would be a big one. Version 10 of the app will start rolling out globally soon and you can expect a redesigned UI (while still retaining their violet-ness), new features like hidden numbers and group calls, and some under the hood fixes that should make sending and receiving messages and making calls faster. Plus, they are emphasizing their commitment to privacy and end-to-end encryption.

Viber says they have put a lot of effort into improving the quality and performance of their services and so you now have twice the speed in terms of sending messages while video and voice calls get a “quality boost” so you’ll be able to make crystal clear calls. In terms of the improved UI, you now have a lighter and brighter header and a more streamlined bottom menu. All your Chats (individual, group, community) are now in just one place and your Calls screen will have your recent calls, phone contacts, and Viber Out balance and subscriptions.

One of the new features that you’ll get is the Hidden-number chats in Communities. This lets you connect with people you meet in your Communities chats without having to disclose your real name and phone numbers until you both feel comfortable doing so. Another new feature which isn’t part of this update yet but will be coming soon is group calls. For now, only up to five users can be added to a group call but expect that number to increase soon.

In this age when security and privacy are a huge concern for Internet users, Viber wants to reiterate that they use end-to-end encryption by default to all your private and group chats, as well as video and voice calls. The update has already started rolling out and will soon be available globally.


via Android Community

February 5, 2019 at 08:01AM