Veer VR offers a solid new way to edit 360-degree videos


Editing your 360-degree videos is a breeze with VeeR VR Editor!

After you’ve gotten some excellent 360-degree videos, what you want is to share them with friends and family. If you want to make them look even better before anyone else gets eyes on them, then you’re going to want to look at a good video editing app. VeeR VR Editor was built to give you control over exactly how your videos look from within a headset. It’s got plenty of features, and definitely gets the job done.

Here’s a quick look at how it works!

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What is VeeR?

As the name suggests, this is an app that allows you to edit your 360-degree videos and then share them with a little more polish. You get access to a few different tools, like splicing together multiple clips and adding text, and it can all be done from your phone.

Like similar 360-degree editors, the camera you have doesn’t matter quite as much as having the files on your phone. If your 360-degree camera will import files to your phone, you can use VeeR.

Editing made easy

VeeR makes editing an easy process, so even if you’re new to the idea it’s easy and intuitive to pick up on. There are five basic editing functions that you get access to. You can adjust the clip length, add music, apply filters, insert moving stickers or emojis, and add text. Each of these functions gives you access to a myriad of options related to them in their own toolbar.

You get access to splicing multiple clips from any starting point, so the edit function is pretty solid. You can trim a clip’s length, adjust the speed at which it plays, mute ambient noise from the video, change the orientation of the video, or delete a clip entirely. Each of these options is available by tapping on the video and pausing it to make your adjustments.

When it comes to adding background music to your video, you have two basic options. You can use local files that you have saved on your phone, or use one of the royalty-free songs available from within the app. There’s a sizeable collection of music to choose from, and you can sort by mood and scroll through the collection of options. Once you’ve chosen a song, you’ll be able to preview it on the app and adjust how loud the music is.

Sharing your 360-videos is half the fun, and VeeR gives you options to adjust the way your videos look. There are over a dozen filters you can play with, or you can adjust everything by yourself. You get access to changing the exposure, contrast, saturation, warmth, tint and toning of your video. This means that you have real control over the way your videos look after you finish editing them, even if your camera didn’t offer these controls in the capture app.

Dancing stickers and emojis in a 360-degree video might sound kind of ridiculous, but it’s actually a ton of fun. There are six categories of stickers that you can insert into your videos, and each one is a little bit different. You can set when they show up in the video, as well as when they disappear which can be great for reactions within a video, or having a bit of fun before you share something.

You can also add text to your videos. Type out the text first, and choose the color from the bar that appears on the right side of the screen. After you finalize that, you can choose when the text appears in your video, and for how long. By dragging on the corners you can also adjust the size of the words on the screen, but this feature isn’t very obvious for some strange reason.

Fun and practical

VeeR VR Editor does a good job of delivering a fun and easy to use editing app. While you do need to make sure that you’ve got your file downloaded to the phone, you can share right from within the app, and everything is intuitive to find and use. Best of all it’s available for free, which means there really isn’t a good reason not to use it when editing videos.

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December 8, 2017 at 10:35AM