Upcoming Honor 10 might have image segmentation capabilities


Everybody is stepping up their camera game, because whether one admits it or not, a smartphone’s camera capabilities is one of the biggest factors why consumers would or would not purchase said smartphone. Samsung is doing a great job with its camera sensors, and Google is doing it through topnotch camera software and algorithms. Huawei uses its partnership with Leica to draw in consumers, but recently has opened up the camera element to artificial intelligence (AI).

Huawei’s P20 phones benefit from the Kirin 970 chipset having its own neural processor, aiding the AI to do its work. It looks like this will be the same chipset to power the upcoming Honor flagship – which probably will be the Honor 10. And XDA member “duraraa” – known for his inside info on Huawei’s products – says that the Honor 10’s camera software will feature AI-aided “semantic image segmentation”.

Alleged semantic image segmentation technology on the Honor 10

According to the source, the new flagship will have a semantic image segmentation mode where the device software can detect items in the camera’s view like “pet, snow, beach, and so on”. The software will be able to separate these objects and apply different filters to each segment simultaneously. Google has something like this, but is done through Google’s DeepLab servers. The source claims that all of this will be done on-device, which is a pretty big claim.

Alleged Honor 10 image before segmentation and filters
Alleged Honor 10 image after segmentation and filters

XDA has said that they have no way to confirm or corroborate this information, and they have published the claims on the basis that XDA member duraraa has been fairly credible with his information before. If Huawei can do this on the Honor 10, there’s no doubt that it should show up on the Huawei P20 variants as well, and even the Huawei Mate 10.


via Android Community

April 16, 2018 at 09:04AM