Under Armour informs MyFitnesPal users of data breach


Those who are using MyFitnessPal to track their diet and exercise, listen up! Under Armour, which owns the app and service, announced that there was a massive data breach into the system earlier this year and that around 150 million accounts were compromised. An unauthorized party was able to acquire data from the users last February 2018 but the company only became aware of it last March 25. Users have already been contacted and they are urged to immediately change their passwords to be sure.

Whoever hacked into the app’s system was able to acquire the usernames, email addresses, and hashed passwords, specifically using the bcrypt hashing function. But Under Armour assured MyFitnessPal users that other more important information, like government-issued identifiers and payment card data was not included. The former is because the app doesn’t collect that kind of data from users while the latter is because it’s collected and processed separately.

They are still working with data security firms and law enforcement authorities to determine who instigated this breach. But in the meantime, they have already sent out notifications to MyFitnessPal users, informing them of the incident through in-app messaging and recommending steps they should do to protect their information.

In case you weren’t reading in-app messages though, make sure you check it out now. And more importantly, change your password immediately just to be sure the data that was stolen will be rendered useless by whatever nefarious forces that hacked into their system.

SOURCE: Under Armour

via Android Community

March 29, 2018 at 05:38PM