Uber introduce Express Pool for cheaper rides (with a catch)


The original idea of Uber was for people to share rides and eventually save up on money and ease traffic congestion, hence the Uber Pool option. Now they are introducing another option that will give people more savings and also get them to exercise a bit more by walking. Uber Express Pool will let you walk a short distance to where you’ll be picked up, maybe even with the other passengers you’ll be pooling with. You’ll also be dropped off somewhere in the vicinity of your destination, allowing you to exercise a little while saving up to 30%.

How it works is pretty simple (well at least on paper). You will see the new Express Pool option if it’s available in your city. When you request it, Uber will look for the most compatible co-riders for you and once they’ve been identified, it will give you the spot where you have to wait for your Uber ride together with the other people sharing your ride. You’ll be dropped off not at your actual destination but somewhere within walking vicinity. In case you’re not familiar with the area, you’ll get walking directions that you can see through the app itself.

It sounds good if you’re looking to save a few bucks and also aiming to reach your daily step count. However, in the cities where this is already available, there has been a bit of confusion from both drivers and riders. Uber needs to work on better information dissemination for both to avoid misunderstandings, especially for passengers who are still expecting a door-to-door service with Express Pool.

This project was pilot tested in San Francisco and Boston and now it has rolled out to Los Angeles, San Diego, and Denver starting February 21 and Miami, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C by February 22. They’ll be adding more cities soon if this becomes successful.


via Android Community

February 21, 2018 at 10:36PM