Twitter is making it easier to create and ignore Tweetstorms


If you’ve used Twitter, you’ve probably seen a Tweetstorm or two in your day. A Tweetstorm is when someone sends out a bunch of tweets in a row about a certain topic. Upping the character limit to 280 made it easier to send out long-form thoughts, but it didn’t solve the problem of Tweetstorms. They can be very annoying to scroll through, especially when you don’t care about the topic.

Twitter is now making it easier to send out a Tweetstorm and also making it easier to ignore them. Users can easily string multiple tweets together by tapping the new (+) button in the compose window. Instead of sending out one tweet at a time and replying to yourself, you can write all the tweets at once and post the thread together.

The good news for people that hate seeing Tweetstorms is you won’t see the full thread on your timeline. There’s a new button that says “Show this thread” to allow you to expand the full list of tweets. This should make it much easier to ignore long threads and tidy up your timeline. The update should be coming to Android in the coming weeks.

via Phandroid

December 12, 2017 at 11:05AM