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We live in an increasingly digital world. We find friends online, we talk online, we even find love online. But for some reason, dating still relies on items in the physical world – flowers, chocolates, and even diamonds. So if our social lives are digital, shouldn’t the way we show affection and commitment for each other also be digital?

Blockchain is here in a very real way

We have seen a remarkable surge in cryptocurrency over the past year. Blockchain in particular is starting to take off in ways that no one expected. Smartphone OEMs are even announcing blockchain smartphones. Blockchain is here is a very real way. It’s helping us to decentralize concepts like currency in order to form trust in those transactions.

eDiamond is introducing the first cryptocurrency to display your love and commitment to that special someone in your life. It’s very simple. When you send an eDiamond, or accept one from another, you two are committed to each other. That means you cannot send an eDiamond to someone else, nor can anyone else send an eDiamond to you. This commitment is shared until the relationship is ended. Any diamonds received during the relationship are retained at the end of the relationship. But what does this really mean? We decided to take it for a spin.

One to one


We signed up for eDiamonds and once we logged in, we found the interface to be very easy to follow. The first thing we did was stock up on some eDiamonds to send to our love. We invited our love to try out the app and enter a relationship, and that’s when we connected. The connection itself was really easy to establish and it made us feel closer – being committed to one another – more so than just some social network.

Over the next couple of weeks, we found ourselves sending little gifts here or there, sometimes with a funny little note attached. It was mainly just a way to say, “I’m thinking about you.” and attaching a little gift to the exchange. It went beyond just a simple text message because, again, it was only from that one person. When we got notifications of new gifts from eDiamonds, we knew who it came from. It made the exchange that much more special.

What makes this concept so interesting and intriguing is that it’s entirely digital. We do so much online today, it only makes sense that we show our love and affection for each other that way as well. This isn’t a simple “relationship status”. Those are just words. This is an active refusal of gifts from all other parties. It’s this kind of commitment that we should all aspire to. Plus, unlike a relationship, it is completely private between the two of you. You decide when you tell people you’ve made this commitment.

When we were using the app, one of the things we found to be the most special was the ability to send out a quick little love note, no matter what we were doing or how far apart we were. Even during a short trip out of town, we were able to connect with one another by sending each other eDiamonds, just to let each other know that just because we’re hundreds of miles apart, we can still deliver smiles to each other very easily.

The next level is digital

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eDiamonds are redefining how we view our relationships with our loved ones. By taking the idea of love and affectionate gifts online, eDiamonds are embracing what we as a society are doing. We’re connecting our online digital lives with each other in a way that has not been possible before. eDiaomnds are an extension of that – giving love solely to one other person and rejecting all others.

eDiamonds are the future of love

But consider also what eDiamonds represent – they are a real-world benefit that embraces the future in cryptocurrency. This is a future-looking platform in which you commit to each other, fully, and give each other tokens of affection that have real world value today. Cryptocurrency can be confusing at times – eDiamonds are simple. And it’s that kind of simpliciation that will help lead digital currency into the future.

eDiamonds are digital gestures of affection to the love of your life. Flowers die and chocolates go stale, but eDiamonds are a lasting and secure commitment to your one and only, both now and in the future. Shouldn’t you be able to send your loved one a little something special every once in a while? Of course you should, so try out eDiamonds today! We tried it, and it was just as intimate and as exciting a step in our relationship as any that we’ve experienced before. It can make a new relationship that much more exciting, or even give a long relationship a new spark of romance and excitement.

So check out eDiamond today. You can visit or pick up the app for your Android device in the app store. eDiamonds are in the beta phase, and they’re calling our Android Authority readers to be among the first to try the app. Who will you send your eDiamonds to?

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May 23, 2018 at 10:03AM