Trove Coin works as cryptocurrency wallet for everyday use


We don’t care much up cryptocurrency although Bitcoin held our attention for some time. It’s been years since we were introduced to the idea of digital currency but not everybody is convinced about its advantages. With the advent of crypto miners, mobile and digital consumers are becoming more aware of their crypto money and investments. You see, Android users are usually targeted by drive-by crypto mining sites and so blockers have been developed. There’s no need to worry though if you’re being careful and smart. There are plenty of ways to avoid the bad stuff in the mobile arena.

For one, there are products like the TROVE which works as a digital wallet for cryptocurrency that CANNOT be easily hacked. While smartphones are slowly turning into mobile wallets, there’s the concept of digital wallet cryptocurrency. We haven’t seen anything like this before so we can say Trove is a first of its kind.

The Trove system combines technology and design (and even style perhaps). It looks like a Misfit Speedo Shine 2 but it functions as a digital wallet, holding your cryptocurrency. The device is developed by LAYER and designed by Benjamin Hubert. Trove, a fin-tech start-up, is introducing this wristband that brings your money to the world for everyday use.

The TROVE Coin is a wearable device made of aluminum that can be worn in several ways. Wear it your wrist ala smartwatch or on your neck as a necklace. You can also use it as a brooch. The Trove offers offline storage for cryptocurrency so your account is safe all the time. It’s secure because of a biometric system that requires an owner’s ECG signature–something that is difficult to duplicate. Currency ownership is verified by such so hackers are discouraged. What the device does is recognize a person’s heartbeat pattern when the contact-zone area is touched. Once a pattern is recognized, Bluetooth connectivity is activated. This is what connects to another device where you can check the app and access the currency. No passwords will be asked every time because the heartbeat pattern will be checked.

Design-wise, the TROVE Coin is available in two color and material options: silver anodized aluminum and black aerated aluminum. There’s also KEEP that powers the Coin via induction charging through a USB-C port. The COIN is crafted from polycarbonate and tactile volcanic rock. It attaches to a brooch, wristband, or neck pendant via magnets. The wristband is made of Kvadrat textiles. The necklace comes with a metal loop that is adjustable so you can turn it into a necklace. There’s also a Trove Coin clip that lets you turn a small device into a brooch.

The Coin holds your cryptocurrency discreetly. It also works as a simple accessory, thanks to the changeable faces. The Trove App works with the Coin, offering an intuitive experience interaction with cryptocurrencies where you can see spending, value, and trading history among others. It’s the interface for the whole Trove system that offers AI financial tips and location tracking.

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June 25, 2018 at 06:00AM