Toggle settings on your phone often? Android P may have a solution for you


Developers are barely scratching the surface of what the upcoming Android P will mean for our smartphones since it’s still early days, but already things seem very promising. Aside from bringing a lot of changes to the platform, it is also trying to make your smartphone really smart by utilizing machine learning and other techniques to understand how you use your device. One feature that developers are seeing in the strings is something called “settings suggestions” and it will make life easier for those who constantly toggle specific settings on their phone.

Basically, what this feature will do is to automate your settings that you frequently toggle on and off, like Bluetooth, Airplane mode, WiFi, etc. They will probably be triggered by your calendar or your reminders or your location or other indicators that you historically had to manually toggle a setting. Don’t worry since it will not just do it on its own but ask you for the necessary permissions and it will automate the functionality until you manually interfere.

Some of the strings that were seen within the APK are settings for putting your phone on silent, setting it to vibrate, turning on the ringer, etc. Some like the “use Bluetooth when driving” were already visible in the Developer Preview 1 but it actually doesn’t work right now. And even with the Developer Preview 2 that is available now, they’re not working just yet.

But at least we know that the seeds are already there. And even if it may not be ready for the public release later this year, it’s still pretty interesting to see a feature that can predict when you will toggle a setting and help you make that automatic already for specific instances.

VIA: XDA Developers

via Android Community

May 16, 2018 at 04:04PM