Tinder gets inadvartently locked out by Facebook, lovelife panic ensues


If you felt that today was the day when you will finally meet your soulmate on Tinder, blame Facebook if you get a missed connection. The social network inadvertently locked out the dating app’s users when the former changed its privacy and API settings. While some people seriously panicked at the thought of not being able to swipe left or right, most took to humor to deal with the fact that they couldn’t cancel dates or couldn’t hook up with anyone for a few yours. Fortunately or unfortunately, things are now back to normal.

Since Tinder uses Facebook to authenticate its users, when the social network change its policies for third-party apps due to the whole Cambridge Analytica scandal, the dating app was of course affected. Users found that they were logged out and then could not log back in. Some of those who were able to actually log in found their messages and matches wiped, which some considered a sign from the universe to stop using the app to find dates while some were understandably upset.

Eventually, Tinder was able to fix the glitch and then tweeted out a cheeky “If you don’t love me at my”-meme type of announcement that things are back to normal. If you’re still having trouble logging in on your mobile device, you have the option of accessing your account through the web browser so if you need to cancel dates or you just have the urge to continue swiping, do it from there.

Because of the uproar that Facebook is facing over the data that Cambridge Analytica was able to access through a 3rd party app using the social network, they are now requiring apps to “agree to strict requirements before they can access this data.” Expect some glitches over the next few weeks with other apps where you use Facebook to log in. Meanwhile, Tinder is back in business so to speak.

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April 4, 2018 at 07:42PM