This 3D printer is $4,000 on Prime Day!


Some times it is a lot of fun too see just how expensive things can be on Amazon, and when big events like Prime Day roll around, how big the savings can be too. This year the most expensive thing we have seen is a 3D printer called the Taz Pro by Lulzbot, and if you have money to throw around then this is an excellent printer to buy.

The biggest price

LulzBot TAZ Pro

$3,960 at Amazon

$1,000 off

The LulzBot Taz Pro is the most expensive item we’ve seen this Prime Day but it is a great deal for a fantastic printer.

Why would I want to buy this??

Well despite its insane-seeming price tag the Taz Pro is an amazing printer because sometimes the old adage "you get what you pay for" is right. LulzBot has engineered a fantastic machine that can be used in the harshest of conditions to produce print quality seldom seen in home printers.

Really though, this printer is not for your everyday user who wants to try 3D printing for a hobby. This is for a business that needs to have working prototypes that can simulate what its final product might look like, as well as how it will perform under stress. Of course, if you have a spare $4,000 to drop on a hobby, then go for it! The Taz Pro will print out all the superhero models you could ask for.

With a dual print head, a modular build plate design, as well as some advanced features like auto bed leveling and multi-material printing, the Taz Pro is a powerhouse that will keep you printing 24/7.

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July 15, 2019 at 08:48AM