These were the best Android games released in July


We’re in the dog days of summer, which is as good a time as ever to chill with AC and play the latest Android games.

We’ve rounded up the best games released in July, which include a pair of RPGs that offer wholly different experiences and a new rogue-like action platformer that offers some of the deepest gameplay mechanics I’ve seen in the genre.

(Truth be told, the best game I played in July was actually the Call of Duty: Mobile, but since the beta is only open for Canadians and Australians I’ll be featuring that game in this space once it’s been officially released.)

Minit An RPG you play one minute at a time

It’s not uncommon for a mobile game to impose some sort of time-based restrictions on the player, but Minit takes that concept and ran with it in a very interesting direction. Published by Devolver Digital, Minit is a retro-styled indie adventure game where you play a cursed character living out a Groundhog’s Day scenario where you die every sixty seconds and wake up in the last save spot you visited.

The game uses this mechanic in really creative ways, where often you’ll just reach a new area with enough time remaining to figure out what you need to do with your next sixty second life. Items you collect stay with you, so if you need to retrieve an item from a dungeon you can complete whatever quest you were on when you respawn. It’s a really intriguing concept that is unlike any other game you’ve probably played.

An RPG you play one minute at a time


This peculiar little adventure game is played sixty seconds at a time

Minit is a retro-style RPG filled with curious puzzles that make effective use of the game’s looping gameplay. There are lots of areas to explore — as far as you can go in sixty seconds, that is!

Dark Sword 2 A stylish hack n’ Slash RPG

If you’re going to include an auto-play function in your mobile game, you damn well better make the graphics and art style really pretty to look at. This is exactly the case with Dark Sword 2, an action RPG game that blends tag-team combat with the all too familiar grind found in so many mobile RPG. Once it ramps up, Dark Sword 2 is a dazzling display of colorful attacks and parries and will check a lot of boxes for specific gamers.

A stylish hack n’ Slash RPG

Dark Sword 2

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For RPG fans that love to grind for loot and upgrades, Dark Swords 2 offers a ton of different ways to improve each character’s skills and weapons. This game looks absolutely beautiful and will dazzle you as you hack and slash your way through waves of enemies.

Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics Rogue-like stealth platformer

Who doesn’t love a solid action platformer? Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics is actually the third game in OrangePixel’s series, but this game adds a slew of new gameplay mechanics that will be new to fans of the franchise and genre alike.

For those unfamiliar with the rogue-like genre modifier, the basic concept is that each play-through is unique and if you die your character and all the cool gear you’ve collected is gone for good. In Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics, you do get a back-up agent that drops in to try and finish the mission, but it’s game over if you run out of agents. You’re given the freedom to kill enemies and complete objectives however you see fit, but stealth is a huge aspect of the game.

The game developer has put out a really helpful video of gameplay tips that outline some of the best strategies you should know if you’re struggling to make it very far in the game.

Rogue-like stealth platformer

Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics

You’ll need to use stealth and tactics to be successful here

Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics is so much more than just another action platformer for Android. The game encourages you to use creative and stealthy tactics to complete missions — a purely run-and-gun strategy won’t get you very far.

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