These are the best PlayStation VR games!


Your PlayStation VR collection should include these titles!

Sony and their partners did a great job making sure there are plenty of great games for you to play in PlayStation VR. It doesn’t matter if you’re into shooting, flying, music, adventure, or silly games that involve putting bacon in a blender, there really is something for everyone to enjoy.

That also means it’s not entirely clear which games you should go for first, but we’ve been playing through all of them and have some suggestions for you! If you’re starting a PlayStation VR collection, make sure these games are on your list!

Eve: Valkyrie

If you’re a fan of flying through space and shooting things, either by yourself or with others, you need Eve: Valkyrie in your life. CCP Games expanded their Eve universe to put you in the cockpit of some incredible interplanetary fighters so you and your friends can really jump in and feel the action.

The VR view looks and feels amazing as you track your enemies by looking around you, and the environments you fight in are just plain beautiful. This is a must-have for every PlayStation VR owner.

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Job Simulator

Not a fan of running around and shooting or chopping things? Couldn’t be bothered with horror games filled with jump scares? Owlchemy Labs invites you to play with mostly friendly robots instead! Job Simulator puts you in the future where there aren’t many humans left, and the robots that have taken over are graciously giving you simple jobs to perform so you’re not bored to death.

The game is silly, complex, and easily one of the best PlayStation VR experiences you can have with friends. Invite a bunch of people over so everyone can take turns, and you are guaranteed a night of laughs.

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The Brookhaven Experiment

While other horror games are relying on cheap jump scares and loud noises to send you pulling the headset off in a cold sweat, The Brookhaven Experiment is legitimately terrifying. It’s a stationary shooter that leans heavily on zombies and realistic-ish guns to get you hooked, but what really fills your nightmares is how well the spatial audio tells your brain there’s something behind you.

This game will scare you in the middle of the day, but with Move controllers in hand you can really jump into the action and have some fun. Just be careful not to accidentally punch someone in the real world while pistol-whipping a zombie.

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Chances are if you have a PlayStation VR and haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve heard of Farpoint. Farpoint is what so many fans have been looking for from VR: a first-person shooter where you can wave a gun and shoot a bunch of baddies. It is likely to herald a new era of VR shooters as it is proof that you can do a first-person shooter in VR and not leave your players nauseated and uncomfortable.

You’ll be playing on a desolate planet lightyears away from everything familiar while searching for the pair of scientists you were tasked with returning to Earth. In between you and them are a lot of arachnids, and they want you dead. You’ll have to use your rifle, shotgun, and more to blast your way through them and find out where those scientists have gotten off to. With an intriguing storyline, the ability to play with a friend, and plenty of bugs to shoot through this is a game that shouldn’t be missed!

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Star Trek: Bridge Crew

If you are a Star Trek fan, Bridge Crew is most likely the game you’ve been hoping for ever since you learned Star Trek video games existed. It’s the closest thing to a Holodeck simulation of a starship that we’re likely to see any time soon, and it is extremely well done. Choose from the roles of Captain, Tactical, Helm, and Engineering, and work your station aboard the Bridge of the USS Aegis. Either play alone or with a crew of your closest friends as you explore uncharted territory, try not to get blown out of the sky by Klingons, and find a homeworld for the remaining Vulcan population.

Another popular feature: see how you fare on the famed Kobayashi Maru. In it, you will have to make compromises because you can’t save everyone all the time, and not everyone can Kirk there way out of it.

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Arizona Sunshine

There is something about zombie games that just translates extremely well to VR. Arizona Sunshine is a shining example of this. Using either the PlayStation Aim or PlayStation Move controllers to battle zombies for survival. The game is designed to have a longer campaign that can be played in short bursts, which is nice for people who have busy schedules, or who can’t tolerate VR for long. This is definitely survival-focused, as you’ll have limited resources to contend with, and though your friends can join you, that just means there are more tempting brains for your undead foes.

The game takes place in Southwestern America and features a variety of different environments to explore, including canyons and mines. You’ll need to keep your ears and eyes opened for other survivors, who will make contact over the radio. And of course, few things compare to the joy of looting a bunch of zombies who just tried– and failed– to take you out.

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Starblood Arena

If you’re looking for fastpaced, zany arena combat, look no further than Starblood arena. Choose your pilot and vessel, and play by yourself or with up to three friends in Deathmatch or co-op modes. If you’re an old-school gamer and loved to play Descent back in the day, this game is its spiritual successor. Navigate twisted maps to shoot at foes coming from every direction in a lightning-quick battle that will test your reflexes.

It also helps that the game is beautiful and quite fun to play. The map designs are solid, avoiding the perils of being so big that they’re hard to learn, which allows you to better focus on the carnage at hand.

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Statik is heralded as a "game about solving puzzles in a place you don’t know, with a person you don’t recognize, and hands that aren’t completely yours." It features some truly inspired puzzle design that will leave you feeling challenged, but without falling into the pitfalls of some puzzle games where the solutions are so absurd that no reasonable person could solve them. The game’s sense of humor will remind you a lot of Portal, and the game is very immersive.

It’s clear that the developers spent a lot of time on the game, as it feels extremely polished. The graphics are great, but the true marvel is how well the game translates to the VR environment and uses it to make a truly unique puzzle-solving experience.

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Resident Evil 7 VR

Google "Resident Evil 7" and you’ll most assuredly find numerous articles and videos detailing how scary the game is, particularly in VR mode. The latest entry in the Resident Evil franchise has changed the concept a bit: no longer a third person experience, it is now a first-person game and VR helps in some key ways. It is also less about trying to fight your enemies, and more about evading them, and being able to look around corners and doorways with a quick move of your head is extremely helpful.

It wouldn’t be a Resident Evil game without puzzles and secrets, and it’s the latest incarnation will not disappoint. Plus if the YouTube reaction videos are anything to go by, you’ll give your family hours of entertainment as you physically jump away from the virtual threats.

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Rez Infinite

The original Rez received a lot of praise for its fun gameplay and it’s catchy soundtrack, and the VR remake is no different. In Rez Infinite, you are a hacker, seeking to travel through cyberspace in order to repair Eden, the core of the Project-K program. Project-K was designed to combat rising crime rates.

To reach Eden, you must shoot your way through vector worlds accompanied by an intense soundtrack while using evolution spheres found within the levels to evolve to stronger forms. Rez Infinite is immersive and addictive, and you’ll find yourself humming the soundtrack long after you stop playing.

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Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Looking for a great game to play with friends that will add fun and excitement to your next party? This is definitely the one for you! One player is tasked with defusing a bomb, the catch being that they have no access to information about the device. Instead, they are at the mercy of the other players to read the instructions to them from the TV screen, before they can try and execute them before the bomb explodes.

The tension of the game increases as the countdown ticks down, and it only gets more intense as you get to harder levels. It’s also a great way to get friends involved who aren’t gamers and might lack the manual dexterity and twitch reflexes to play other popular party games.

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Sparc aims to be a new competitive experience for VR, VSports. You’re able to play against friends or random strangers, and the aim of the game is to chuck your balls and score goals. With angles to ricochet off of and shields that can let you block your opponents throw, this is a fun, fast-paced experience.

Sparc can easily have you working up a sweat, with its intense gameplay. Add to that the different modes of play which deliver a variety of skill levels for you to compete at, and there is plenty here to love. With Single Player Challenge Modes, you can ever perfect your game when there isn’t anybody online to game with.

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There are few games that are as massive, with so much to do, as what you find within Skyrim. While most of us have already become the Dragonborn we were destined to become, this fantastic game has arrived on PlayStation VR. It delivers everything you loved about the original game with some tweaks to make it playable in VR, and things are more immersive than ever.

You can access two different types of locomotion to ensure that you don’t suffer from motion sickness, and the ability to dual wield spells has also been added. There are some issues, which are to be expected given that this is a 6-year-old game, but overall it delivers a great new way to experience the world you may already love!

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Rec Room

Rec Room is a different kind of experience from everything else on our list, and that’s because it’s more like a dozen games all in one. You’re transported to a Rec Center of old, where you can hang out with friends, meet new people, and play some table tennis. The big draw, however, is what is waiting on the other side of the doors that line the room.

Each door leads to a different mini-game. These range from charades, to paintball, to a gigantic soccer game. This means that you have tons of options of what to do, and you have the ability to get your friends together and dive in as a group!

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The Inpatient

The Inpatient takes you into the Sanatorium where you go throughout to figure out who you truly. Discover why you ended up here, even though you have lost any memory you had of your past life.

Will you remember who you are in time to escape or is it too late for you? Try out the game for yourself and see if you will survive!

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Moss introduced us to the cutest little companion we could’ve ever hoped for. Solve puzzles in order to get Quill to his uncle before it’s all too late, and make sure to protect your friend from any enemies that might come his way.

Solve all of the puzzles and save your people from the wrath of evil around you. This truly is a game anyone can enjoy, as long as their over 12 years of age.

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Head back into the Hell dimension we know as DOOM, as you take on familiar demons and make your way through the space station.Save the UAC station from this hell dimension and don’t let it fall apart, as you are the last hope.

As the last known hope for the human kind on Mars, you truly are the only hope left on this hellish planet.

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SUPERHOT, which was originally just a regular PlayStation game, takes all of the mechanics from the first game and adds a bit of difficulty to them. Standing in one concrete place, use your body to dodge bullets and take down enemies with various weapons.

If you’re looking for a VR game that won’t make you teleport, this is the game for you. Get that shooter feeling without having to also get that sick feeling.

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What are your favorite games for the PSVR?

PlayStation VR is the first console-based VR system, and it delivers fantastic games in just about every genre. That means there is definitely a game out there for everyone. Is your favorite game on our list? Did we miss a gem that should be here? Tell us your about it in the comments below!

Updated April 19th, 2018: We’ve updated this post with awesome new games for PlayStation VR that shouldn’t be missed!

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