The SŌLIS SO-2000 is putting Google Assistant on your bedside table


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  • The SŌLIS SO-2000 is a bedside alarm clock that has Google Assistant built-in.
  • The clock syncs via the cloud so you never have to set the time and it includes two front-firing speakers.
  • It will hit the market mid-2018 for $169.99.

One of the biggest talking points of CES 2018 is Google Assistant. So far, we’ve seen countless gadgets, headphones, and TVs with Assistant, and I guess we shouldn’t be surprised: Google said last year that it was now an AI-first company, and CES this year is really proving that to be true. Sure, there are Google products on hand, but Assistant is stealing the show.

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One of the companies teaming up with Google to include Assistant in its product is SŌLIS. It’s an audio company that has previously worked with Google when it included Chromecast in a few of its speakers. Now, it’s announcing a brand new bedside alarm clock with Google Assistant. The SŌLIS SO-2000 has an LED clock face and two front-firing 5W speakers. It connects via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and syncs the time through the cloud so you never have to set it yourself.

The SO-2000 acts like any other Assistant-enabled speaker, allowing you to ask questions and set timers. Additionally, it has Chromecast built in so you can stream music from your phone or laptop. The Google Home app allows users to stream multiroom music, so it would be very easy to stick one of these in each of your kids’ rooms and wake them up with some Black Dog by Led Zeppelin when it’s time to head to school.

The SŌLIS SO-2000 will be available in mid-2018 and run you $169.99.

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January 10, 2018 at 07:09AM