The Pixel 4 supports wireless charging, but there’s a catch


Best answer: Yes, the Pixel 4 supports wireless charging. You can place it on any Qi wireless charger to refuel the phone without having to plug in any cables, but if you want to take advantage of the full 10W fast wireless charging capabilities, you’ll need to use Google’s own Pixel Stand. Otherwise, you’ll be limited to 5W charge speeds.

The Pixel 4 works with all Qi wireless chargers

The Pixel 3 from 2018 was the first phone in Google’s Pixel lineup to support wireless charging, and to no one’s surprise, the Pixel 4 does, too.

Google’s using the Qi standard for wireless charging on the Pixel 4, which is the standard that’s quickly become the industry norm. In other words, if you go out to buy a wireless charger to use with the Pixel 4, chances are it’s a Qi-enabled one.

Any wireless charger that supports Qi will indicate it on either its packaging or the online product page.

However, only the Pixel Stand gives you fast charging speeds

With that said, there is a caveat we need to address. While any Qi-enabled wireless charger will work with the Pixel 4, the speed at which the phone charges is limited to a slower 5W output on pretty much every third-party wireless charger out there.

If you want to take advantage of the full 10W wireless charging the Pixel 4 offers, you’ll need to use the official Google Pixel Stand wireless charger. This is due to a weird proprietary system Google’s implemented. The Pixel 4 technically works with any Qi charger you buy, but it’ll charge at half the speed compared to if you used Google’s own accessory.

This is the exact same situation we found ourselves in with the Pixel 3, and to be honest, it’s rather annoying, but easy to navigate.

The Pixel Stand has a few other tricks up its sleeves

With that said, the Pixel Stand is a darn good wireless charger. It does air on the expensive side of things, but it’s a wonderful complement to the Pixel 4. Not only do you benefit from the full 10W charging speed, but the Pixel Stand adds some additional software goodies to make the experience worth the price of admission.

If you have an alarm set on your Pixel 4 while it’s docked on the Pixel Stand, the screen will slowly light up with a warm orange color to mimic the sunrise to help you gradually wake up before your alarm sounds off. Then, at the end of the day, placing your Pixel 4 on the Pixel Stand will automatically engage Do Not Disturb so you can unwind and get to sleep.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Pixel Stand can also use the Pixel 4 as a digital photo frame to showcase pictures on your Google Photos account, along with automatically displaying footage from your Nest Hello video doorbell when it’s rung.

Google’s best

Google Pixel 4

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New Pixel, same wireless charging setup.

The Pixel 4 is here, and it uses the same wireless charging setup as the Pixel 3. It works with any Qi-enabled wireless charger, but third-party ones will only charge the phone at 5W. If you want full 10W charging speeds, you’ll need to use Google’s own Pixel Stand wireless charger.

The charger you want

Google Pixel Stand

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The best wireless charger you can get for the Pixel 4.

If you’re going to buy a wireless charger for the Pixel 4, do yourself a favor and get the Pixel Stand. Not only does it get you the full 10W charging speed that the Pixel 4 is capable of, but it also turns the phone into a digital photo frame for Google Photos, can show your Nest Hello doorbell footage, and more.

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October 15, 2019 at 06:18AM