The Loapi Trojan can literally make your Android phone go up in smoke


The Loapi Trojan is a multi-faceted malware that can do a lot of bad things on your smartphone. Kaspersky Lab is telling us all about this, because it has the potential to physically burn up your smartphone, aside from all the other bad things it does.

Users pick up the Loapi Trojan in two major ways – if you install a fake antivirus app, or you install an infected adult content app. After installation, the app will ask for administrator rights, and it will frustrate you to death because it will not take no for an answer. It bombards you with popups until you finally give in.

Once with admin privileges, one of the things that it can do is use your phone for cryptomining. It will use all the resources of your phone and can overheat it due to prolonged use of the processor at 100% speed. Kaspersky says that their test phone went up in smoke (battery overcooked) after 48 hours of infection.

Aside from that, the Laopi Trojan can harass you with unwanted ads, paid subscriptions and even use it for denial-of-service attacks. So the reminder is always to make sure you install apps from official stores, and even then, don’t install anything you don’t really need.

SOURCE: Kaspersky

via Android Community

December 20, 2017 at 06:06AM