The HTC guy that told you when to check for updates is leaving


  • After eight years with HTC, Mo Versi announced his departure from the Taiwanese company.
  • Versi worked as HTC’s Vice President of Product Management for the Americas for almost four years.
  • Versi was the face of HTC’s software update schedules.

HTC Vice President of Product Management for the Americas Mo Versi announced that Monday is his last day with the Taiwanese company.

Versi started as HTC’s director of product management in 2010 before becoming executive director of product management in 2011. In May 2014, Versi became vice president of product management and held the position until his departure today.

Versi previously held positions at Omnipoint Communications, VoiceStream Wireless, T-Mobile, and Samsung.

More importantly, Versi was the face of HTC’s software update schedules. If you wondered when your HTC smartphone would get an update, he was the guy to contact on Twitter. During these past eight years, HTC and Versi stood out in a landscape that is notoriously clammy when it comes to their Android update processes.

Versi did not reveal future plans or who will be his official replacement. Instead, he said folks should reach out to HTC Global Director of PR Jeff Gordon for questions on software updates.

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Versi is not the first high-profile official that left HTC this year. Chialin Chang, HTC’s former President of Smartphone and Connected Devices Business, resigned in February. Chang cited the resignation as a personal career move, though what he has pivoted to is still unknown.

What is not unknown is HTC’s struggles as of late. It has $1.1 billion in the bank from its deal with Google, but the company continues to see diminishing revenues and layoffs. Whether the rumored U12 Plus, along with the Desire 12 and Desire 12 Plus, can help turn HTC’s fortunes around is to be determined.

Either way, you will be missed, Versi.

via Android Authority

March 26, 2018 at 09:38PM