The Google Home can now respond to two voice commands at once


The Google Home is branded as an assistant, and it’s true that it can answer questions, remind you of upcoming events and make dinner reservations, like a real assistant might. While it has some ways to go before it’s, you know, Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada (what? that’s a damn fine movie), it’s definitely getting there.

In an update Google recently sneaked out (spotted by Android Police), the Google Home has now been equipped with the ability to respond to two voice commands at once.

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Previously, the Google Home would only be able to address one command at a time, meaning you would have to wait for it process your first request, and act on it, before you could ask something else. Now, you can say a phrase like “how’s the weather and what’s on my schedule?” and the Google Home should deliver answers to both. It’s a small change, but it’s improvements in this vein that will ultimately make the Google Home feel more natural and intuitive.

It’s not clear if this is up and running on Google Home products in all locations yet — it’s not currently available on smartphones using Google Assistant — but if not, the functionality is likely to be on the way soon.

via Android Authority

November 30, 2017 at 12:08AM