The Galaxy Note 9 S Pen will have Bluetooth, per FCC filing


Invitation image for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launch.

  • Per a filing at the FCC, we now know for certain that the S Pen on the Galaxy Note 9 will have Bluetooth connectivity.
  • However, the FCC filing doesn’t illuminate what the Bluetooth connectivity will actually do.
  • In related news, the supported radio bands for the unlocked Note 9 are now known as well.

Samsung will launch the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on August 9. When Sammy announced the date, it included a closeup image of a new button the Note 9’s S Pen stylus, which many speculated meant some sort of Bluetooth functionality.

Now, via a filing with the FCC for the new S Pen, we know for sure that the stylus does, in fact, have Bluetooth. However, we don’t know for sure what that really means.

The most prominent rumor right now points to the idea of the S Pen having the ability to create digital signatures. Samsung admitted to working on a digital signature feature last year, so it makes perfect sense if the S Pen does have that capability.

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It is also possible that the Bluetooth connection will enable users to manipulate media players on their Note 9 – playing music, skipping tracks, starting/stopping video playback, etc. It’s also possible that you could launch Bixby – Samsung’s virtual assistant – using the Bluetooth button.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s S Pen will have the model number EJ-PN960 and use 2.4GHz Bluetooth to connect to the main device. The Note 9 itself is the SM-N960, so it looks like the model numbers match up quite nicely.

In related news, the United States’ unlocked variant of the Note 9 passed through the FCC today as well, which gives us information on the radio bands the device will support. That list is below:

The supported radio bands of the unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

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July 3, 2018 at 01:42PM