The Echo Show 5 is $50 for Prime Day which is an incredible steal


I’ve been a fan of smart displays since Lenovo Smart Display debuted, and I continue to use it because of its easy access to Google Assistant and, more importantly, its easy integration with Google Photos, which has become indispensable to me in recent years.

It’s for that reason that, while I’ve always liked them, I’ve never fallen in love with an Amazon Echo Show. That is, until recently, when I got a review unit of the Echo Show 5. See, it was at the same time as I started messing with Amazon Photos, which comes included with a Prime membership and offers unlimited original-quality photo backup and, much to my surprise, the ability to integrate it with an Echo Show screen.

So now I rotate photos of my dog, my baby, my family, and various other things, on the desktop-friendly 5-inch screen on the Echo Show 5, and it’s an incredible experience. I actually prefer using Alexa for most things, mainly because saying "Hey Google" over and over is annoying, and Alexa integrates perfectly with all my smart home tech, as well as Spotify which I use every day.

A smart display to admire

Echo Show 5

$50 $90 $40 off

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A compact Alexa display

Amazon’s newest Alexa device features a touchscreen display, microphone, speakers, camera, and built-in camera cover. Slide the shutter over the lens to protect yourself from potential spying eyes. You can use this device to check the news, stream shows on Amazon Prime, find recipes, interact with Ring devices, and much more.

Other great things about the Echo Show 5? It has a physical shutter for its front-facing camera, which means you don’t have to worry about it "accidentally" filming you in compromising positions. Plus, the sound quality is heads and shoulders better than the similarly-priced Lenovo Smart Clock, and despite its smaller stature better still than Google’s own Nest Home Hub.

Russell Holly reviewed the Echo Show 5 and, um, echoes my sentiments:

I find myself frequently getting to this part of the review with an Alexa-based thing and telling you the hardware is excellent if you’re already in the Alexa ecosystem. But not today. It doesn’t matter who you are, the Amazon Echo Show 5 is a fantastic addition to your home.

The speakers are great, the microphones are great, Alexa as a platform is growing up, and it couldn’t be more clear Amazon is paying attention to feedback from users and continuing to improve over time. This is a great place to start your Alexa experience if you’ve never tried one before, and a fantastic addition for anyone looking to add to a smart home they’ve already started.

I genuinely love the Echo Show 5 and think you will, too. I would recommend it at its full $90 price, but at $50 it’s practically a steal.

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July 16, 2019 at 06:29AM