The best travel chargers for your phone


Keeping all of your gadgets charged can be one of the most stressful parts of traveling. Packing all of your individual charging bricks can take up a lot of space in a bag, and undoes your home charging layout. Luckily, there are plenty of travel chargers that let you power multiple devices at once, so you can bring a single charger with you and leave the small bricks behind.

Self-contained package

Anker PowerPort+ 1 with Quick Charge 3.0

If you just need to charge your phone and don’t need a multi-port charger, Anker’s 18W PowerPort+ 1 is a great affordable wall wart with a foldable plug for easy packing. It features Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3 for maximum charging speeds with compatible devices, along with backwards compatibility for older Quick Charge standards. It also features Anker’s PowerIQ technology to provide the appropriate power to any attached device.

$14 at Amazon

Charge multiple devices

RAVPower 30W 3-Port USB Wall Charger

RAVPower’s three-port travel charger is a great way to charge multiple devices on a trip without breaking the bank. For under $20, you get a USB-C port with 5V/3A charging, along with two USB-A ports backed up by the company’s iSmart 2.0 technology. This automatically detects the charging needs of a connected device and adjusts power output accordingly. Best of all, this brick includes a foldable wall plug so you don’t need an extra power cable.

$19 at Amazon

Charge in style

Satechi 75W Travel Charger

The Satechi travel charger is the priciest of the bunch, but it’s a great-looking hub that charges up to four devices at once — including a USB-C laptop like the 13-inch MacBook Air or Pro, thanks to its support for USB Power Delivery. It also features three USB-A ports — two at 2.4A and one with Quick Charge 3.0. Satechi’s charger supports a wide range of international voltage requirements, and includes a long power cable.

$54 at Amazon

Maximum ports

Anker PowerPort Speed PD 5

It isn’t as stylish as the Satechi charger, but Anker’s PowerPort features an extra USB-A port (four in total), along with a USB-C port with Power Delivery. With a maximum speed of 30W, it’ll take about two and half hours to fully charge a 13-inch MacBook, but it’s more than fast enough for any tablet or phone. The PowerPort is built with drop durability in mind, and it comes with an adhesive strip in the box to stick the charger to your desk.

$50 at Amazon

Safe power

Aukey Amp 60W Power Delivery Wall Charger

The Aukey Amp is another great charging hub with a USB-C port capable of powering a laptop, tablet, or a Nintendo Switch if you’re the gaming type, rated at 60W. The two USB-A ports are rated at 5V/2.4A, and use Aukey’s adaptive AiPower technology which, like RAVPower’s iSmart 2.0, monitors the needs of attached devices to deliver safe power.

$50 at Amazon

AC power

Native Union Smart Hub

Native Union’s Smart Hub is a fantastic option if you have multiple AC-powered devices like non-USB-C laptops to charge alongside your USB-powered gadgets like phones and tablets. It occupies a single space on an outlet but offers two AC outlets, along with three USB-A ports and a 15W USB-C port. This isn’t the fastest charger of the bunch for USB charging, but it offers the most versatility in a still relatively compact form factor.

$45 at Amazon

It’s easy to get lost in the seemingly infinite selection of chargers on Amazon, but these are some of the best when it comes to travel, and charging as many devices at once as possible in a compact, portable design. For most people, the Satechi 75W Travel Charger is the best option. It charges up to four devices at once, and provides more power through its USB-C port than any other charger on this list — not to mention it’s the best-looking of the bunch.

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December 17, 2018 at 06:02AM