The best smart thermostat to integrate with Alexa


It’s a trick question! If there’s a Skill, there’s a way. But it’s still worth knowing what you can (and can’t) say to Alexa to control your thermostat.

The ecobee4 Smart Thermostat is your best option if you want a thermostat that integrates with Alexa. It includes a room sensor to better learn your environment, and Alexa is built right in so you don’t need an Amazon Echo to use this with your voice. The thermostat’s design will also look great on your wall.

Our Pick

ecobee4 Smart Thermostat with Built-In Alexa, Room Sensor Included

The latest ecobee has Alexa built right in, and it includes a room sensor to better balance the temperature in your home.

The most important job for a thermostat is to keep your house or apartment at a comfortable temperature, and the ecobee simply does this the best.

Why you should buy this thermostat

There are a few good options for smart thermostats, but the ecobee4 is the best when it comes to keeping your home your desired temperature. This kit comes with a room sensor that helps the thermostat keep the temperature balanced, and you can purchase more sensors to cover all your favorite rooms. Installation just takes 30 minutes, and the thermostat is hard-wired to your home so there aren’t any batteries to replace. And with Alexa built-in, you can control the other pieces of your smart home just by talking to this thermostat.

Is it a good time to buy the ecobee4?

Yes. Thermostats aren’t a product that will need to replaced every few years like a smartphone, so a potential new model won’t be significantly different in how it works than the current models. This thermostat has been on the market since 2017, so there you can be sure it’s a good product without any major defects.

Reasons to buy

  • Comes with a sensor for your rooms
  • Alexa built-in for voice commands
  • Wires directly into your home

Reasons not to buy

  • A Nest’s dial is easier to control temperature
  • Pricey

Why this is the thermostat for you

It may sound like we’re harping on this a bit, but the ecobee4 is the best thermostat that does thermostat things. With the included sensor, it can find out what the temperature is in your desired room, then the thermostat adjust things to make sure that room is your ideal temp. And if you have multiple rooms that you want to make sure are consistent — say, your children’s rooms — you can easily buy and add more sensors.

Having Alexa built-in makes changing the temperature that much easier, and means you need one less device in your home.

Having Alexa built-in may sound like a gimmick, but it means you can change the temperature with your voice without needing another device. And if you have smart lights or other gadgets controlled by Alexa, you can just control those by speaking into the thermostat.

Alternatives to the ecobee4

The ecobee4 is a bit expensive, so the Nest E may seem appealing for its lower price. If you have a small home it’ll work great, but Nest’s sensors simply don’t work as well as ecobee’s.


Nest Thermostat E

If you have a smaller home or apartment, the Nest E is perfect for you.

$169 at Best Buy

While Nest’s separate sensors don’t work as well as ecobee’s, that’s not really a concern if you have a smaller home. The Nest E still offers Alexa integration, though you’ll need another device for voice commands.

Nest has some more expensive options, but the Nest E is good enough for most people. You still get Alexa integration, but you’ll need one of the Echo speakers or another device to actually use the voice commands. Nest’s awesome dial is here, so you can easily change the temperature by giving that a spin. While Nest does offer its own sensors for faraway rooms, they simply don’t work as well as ecobee’s.

Value Pick

Honeywell TH6 Thermostat

Don’t spend more than you have to on a basic thermostat.

$115 at Amazon

Honeywell has made thermostats forever, and this model works perfectly with Alexa. You also get basic scheduling options.

This thermostat doesn’t offer as many custom scheduling options as the ecobee and Nest models, but the basics are here: Alexa integration and the ability to change the temperature from anywhere in the world. If that’s all you need in your thermostat, there’s no sense in spending more money.

Bottom line

The ecobee4 is the best option if you want a thermostat that works with Alexa. There’s a room sensor included to get a better feel for your home’s temperature, and you can give voice commands directly to the thermostat since Alexa is built-in. It’s a bit expensive, but it’s a great investment to help you save money in your home.

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