The best screen protectors for the Ticwatch S2


The downside of not having a screen protector? Scratching up the screen of your device. The downside of having a screen protector? None. With a screen protector, your Ticwatch S2 will get dirty or dusty a lot less and will be resistant to impact damage, as well as scratches. With all of this in mind, your Ticwatch S2’s lifespan will improve too. If you’re looking for that screen protector, here are some great options.

Harder than a knife

Orzero Ticwatch S2 Screen Protector

With a 9H hardness, the Orzero screen protector is harder than a knife and is resistant to scratches from other sharp objects such as keys. The screen protector also comes with an anti-fingerprint coating that is smooth to touch, giving you the feeling that you’re touching the original screen rather than the glass protector. Its rounded edge also makes it a comfortable fit for the watch, as well as your fingers when fitting the product onto your watch.

$8 at Amazon

Ultra-thin, but durable protection

Avidet Ticwatch S2 Screen Protector

This pack comes with two tempered glass screen protectors for your Ticwatch S2, ideal for spares or if you mess up applying the first one. It’s also ultra-thin, allowing the touch sensitivity of the Ticwatch S2 to remain completely functional as it was without the protector. The screen also has a nano-coating that can effectively isolate oil stains and fingerprints, making it resistant to those damages as well as impact and scratch damage.

$7 at Amazon

Self-healing features to save your screen

IPG Ticwatch S2 Screen Protector

The IPG screen protector is designed for wet use and thus comes with a set of wet wipes in order to ensure a successful application. The film of the protector also has self-healing qualities, meaning that scratches and other damage will be slowly repaired over time. It’s also virtually invisible, with 99.9% transparency, allowing you to fully see your Ticwatch S2 screen without a change in color or the like.

$8 at Amazon

High-quality glass protection

SPGuard Ticwatch S2 Screen Protector

Made from high-quality tempered glass, the SPGuard screen protector can withstand a huge amount of impact from large objects, as well as drop damage. It’s also scratch resistant and is completely shatter- and explosion- proof. It has an HD screen and is specifically designed to cover all edges of the Ticwatch S2 — allowing for a more comfortable, fitted feel.

$8 at Amazon

No more bubbles

Ace Armorshield Ticwatch S2 Screen Protector

The Ace Armorshield screen protector has been engineered to be compatible with your Ticwatch S2 — in terms of size, installation method and use of the touchscreen, which suffers no sensitivity loss. It is also anti-bubble, allowing you to see your screen fully. Furthermore, if your screen protector becomes lost, the free replacement program will be able to help you out and get a new one.

$8 at Amazon

HD and transparent protection

Lamshaw Ticwatch S2 Screen Protector

Made from AGC glass material, this HD screen protection offers 99.9% transparency and has five layers of different protective film. Some of these layers are protective device liner, helpful for resisting against scratches, as well as silicon adhesive to protect against dust and dirt. It also is explosive proof, and the thin, 0.2mm screen will have no effect on touchscreen accuracy.

$8 at Amazon

All screen protectors need to do is be, one, easy to apply, two, resistant to scratch and impact damage and three, not cause trouble with touch accuracy. It also helps if the screen protector doesn’t cost more than a few bucks. With that in mind, we have to say that the SPGuard Ticwatch S2 Screen Protector has to be our favorite of the bunch.

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February 8, 2019 at 02:06AM