The best external hard drives for the PlayStation 4


The days of cracking open a PS4 for expansion are over!

PlayStation 4 owners have no shortage of choice when it comes to storage expansion. Popping out the internal drive is fairly easy, but if you don’t want to go through that trouble there’s an alternative. Just plug a USB hard drive into your console, and instantly you have all the storage you could ever need. All you need now is to pick the right drive for your needs. Here are some solid options available to you today.

Best in size and reliability

Seagate Portable 2TB

If you are looking for a boost in storage space from a that has a small footprint, This Seagate drive is a great option. It’s super thin and can fit just about anywhere. Not only that, but it has a perfect design that will fit right in with the black and blue styling of the PlayStation. You can pick one up at Amazon for a mere $80. It also comes in a 4TB flavor for $110.

$80 at Amazon

Best size for the buck

Western Digital WD Elements

People who want to massively upgrade the storage on their PS4 but don’t want the hard drive to take up a lot of space aren’t left with a ton of options, but one of the better choices comes from Western Digital. The WD Elements series isn’t small enough to be pocketable but can be concealed on most entertainment centers. Most important of all, it’s a 2TB drive, so you’re unlikely to fill it with your PlayStation 4 games anytime soon.

$79 at Amazon

Best in massive storage

Seagate Expansion

If all you really care about is storage, and you want to make sure you never have to worry about running out of storage on your PlayStation 4 ever again, the Seagate Expansion series has you covered. These external hard drives will go up to 5TB in capacity but is one of the few 3TB options for under $100 if you’re also concerned with your budget.

$82 at Amazon.

For the color conscious

Toshiba Canvio Advance

If you are looking for a decent amount of storage but you also like to keep aesthetics in mind, this Toshiba Canvio 2TB drive may be just what the doctor ordered. For a 2 TB drive, $63 is a totally reasonable price. But aside from the great price point, it also comes in four different colors. If you need more storage but you also need to keep your color coordination game on point, this is the drive I would recommend.

$63 at Amazon

BYOD (Bring Your Own Drive)

Inateck Drive Housing

Not everyone needs to buy a whole new external drive to expand a PlayStation 4; you just need a solid enclosure to put an existing drive in. If that’s you, the Inateck enclosure is everything you need. It’s USB 3.0 enabled, offers an aluminum body to better handle heat dissipation when under stress, and doesn’t require any additional software to set up. Drop your drive in, connect to your PlayStation 4, and you’re done. Not bad for $27.

$27 at Amazon

If you’ve got a PlayStation 4, it really is worth picking up one of these hard drives to ensure you never run out of space. All of the options on this list offer a trusty way to boost your storage without breaking the bank, and honestly, you can’t ask for much more.

Update September 2018: Updated with current prices and new drive options!

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