Telegram now lets you add multiple accounts, give quick replies,


The New Year brings a lot of new things for the digital world as well. If you’re a fan of messaging app Telegram and you have more than one account registered for some reason, they gave us a holiday present a few days ago with support for multiple accounts. Version 4.7 now lets you add and easily switch from one account to another, as well as give you the ability to make quick replies. Earlier in December, they also brought granular settings, link previews, and embedding for messages from public groups and channels.

Telegram actually supported multiple themes already, so why not multiple accounts, since the latter is more important? So now, you got the support you’ve wanted, if you already have more than just one account. You will be able to add up to three accounts with three different phone numbers. Switching from one account to another is also pretty easy as it’s just on the side menu. You will also be able to receive notifications from all three accounts, but if you want to turn them off, you can do so in the settings.

You can also do quick replies now on the messages you receive directly. Just swipe left on the specific message that you want to reply to, type in the message or choose the sticker or emoticon you want to use, and when they receive your reply, it will quote which particular one you’re actually replying to, avoiding occasional misunderstandings.

iOS users are getting four different themes: a minimalistic Day theme, an option to put an accent on that Day theme, and two dark themes, Night and Night Blue. Hopefully those themes will also come to the Android app soon.

SOURCE: Telegram

via Android Community

January 2, 2018 at 02:26AM