Telegram brings granular settings, link previews, other minor treats


Compared to the major features that they brought out with the version 4.5 update, this new one from Telegram seems a little bit tame. But it doesn’t mean that version 4.6 is not important, even with its new somehow minor features and treats. When you update your messaging app to this latest version, you will be able to get granular settings for auto-downloading media, link previews for those with multiple photos, embeddable widgets for messages, and support for albums to Secret Chats.

The new features may not seem all that important to everyone, but it’s still pretty useful for some. If you’re auto-downloading media on any app, it would be important to have granular settings so you can see all the details even without seeing the media itself. If you’re sent links to Instagram posts or tweets that have multiple photos, it would also be nice to see a link preview to the album itself, so you would know whether to click on the link or not.

If you’re using public channels and grips, you now get embeddable HTML-widgets for messages, if you’re viewing links in your web browsers. If you’re using Secret Chats, you can also now add albums to your clandestine messaging, for one reason or another, no judgment here. You also now have full support for MTProto 2.0, which is described as a protocol for access to a server API from apps running on mobile devices.

The Telegram update has rolled out so you should visit your app’s Google Play page to see if you can already update your account.

via Android Community

December 11, 2017 at 04:04AM